BreakingNews: Senator Ifeanyi Ubah Drags FG, DSS To Court Over Nnamdi Kanu

BreakingNews: Senator Ifeanyi Ubah Drags FG, DSS To Court Over Nnamdi Kanu

~ Files Motion In Court To Be Granted Leave To Visit Mazi Nnamdi Kanu In Detention


~ Laments Botched Attempts To See Mazi Nnamdi Kanu In The Past


Flanked by Mazi Kanu’s Lawyer , Senator Dr Ifeanyi Ubah reveals via affidavit filed in court today that his previous attempts to quietly visit Mazi Kanu in DSS custody since his arrest and extradition from a foreign country had been turned down in the past

Senator Ubah filed an 17 page affidavit in support of the motion and stated inter alia


That :


I, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, Adult, Male, Nigerian citizen and a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria do hereby make Oath and state as follows:


1. That I am a Senator of the South East Geo-Political zone of the Federal)

Republic of Nigeria and I am conversant with the facts herein after deposed.


2. That I have the consent of the Defendant/Applicant and my Counsel to depose to this affidavit.


3. That the facts deposed to herein under are within my personal knowledge, but

where otherwise, the sources shall be stated.


4. That I state that as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is one of my responsibilities to ensure the promotion of the Constitution of Nigeria and other laws of Nigeria.


5. That I know that the Defendant in this matter was arrested and brought into Nigeria by the Department of State Services (DSS) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and since he was brought into Nigeria, he had been detained at the detention facility of the D. S. S. pending his trial.

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6. That I know that by the Constitution of Nigeria every citizen, including the Defendant, that is charged with an offence is presumed innocent until the charge be proved.


7. That I know that the Defendant was charged with several offences and the DSS had only produced him on one occasion in court.


8. That as a senator from the South East Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria, I state that the Defendant is from the South East and since the arrest and detention of the Defendant, there had been serious agitation aimed at pressing home his release and this had degenerated into proclamation of Sit-At-Home orders in the South East; a situation which is crippling the economy of the South East.


9. That I know that the Sit-At-Home orders are a medium of expression of solidarity to the detained Defendant and same has been hijacked by unknown criminal elements who are now terrorizing the South East and engaging in wanton killings, assassinations and burning of valuable properties.


10.That I state that the Sit-At-Home orders have gravely affected the economy of the South East and had often led to the killing of flouters, arson and assassination of notable persons by a terror group called unknown gunmen,


11. That there is an allegation that all the above criminalities are being championed by the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra under the leadership of the detained Defendant, an allegation which has been denied severally; yet the situation continues to worsen.



12. That as a senator from the South East Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria, I took it upon myself in carrying out my oversight legislative functions to visit the Defendant at the DSS detention facility to ascertain from him if he is involved in any way in what is happening in the South East and to seek way of amicable settlement of the separatist agitation in the South East in the overall interest of Nigeria.


13. That at the DSS detention facility. I was denied access to the Defendant and directed to approach this court to obtain permission before I could be allowed access to the Defendant


14.That 1 state that the action of the DSS in denying me accéss to visit and amicably intervene and provide solutions to the lingering Sit-At-Home orders, securities issues and violence in the South East is a disservice to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


15.That I visited and intend to visit the Defendant in my capacity as a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and for purposes of attempting to ameliorate and fashion a meeting point or create a discussion table aimed at reducing tension and quelling the agitation and killings in the South East.


16.That the visit is part of my oversight legislative function, which I am

empowered by the Constitution of Nigeria to perform.


17.That I state that my interest in seeking to see the Defendant is in the interest of national peace and security..


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